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“Basic benefits” (NOK670–NOK3,346, or USD68–USD341 per month) may be provided, upon application, to patients who regularly incur additional expenses because of permanent illness, injury, or disability.Primary care: The municipalities provide primary care in accordance with current legislation, government directives, and quality requirements set by the Directorate for Health.Norway ranks among the highest in the OECD in terms of absolute expenditure per capita (NOK60 000, or USD6,122, in 2015).Public financing accounts for 85 percent of this spending.Long-term care, including palliative end-of-life care, is provided on the basis of need, either at home or in nursing homes. The substantial government funding for municipalities is generally not earmarked, and budgets are set locally, but provision of some services is statutory, particularly those related to pediatric and long-term care.

Out-of-pocket payments finance about 14 percent of total expenditure.For 2016, the cost-sharing ceiling for most services is NOK2,185 (USD223).A second ceiling, for services such as physiotherapy and certain dental services, is set at NOK2,670 (USD272).Public providers cannot charge patients more than these amounts, other than for bandages and other supplies.Consultations for children under 16 years, for antenatal and postnatal follow-up of mother and child, for prevention and treatment of some transmittable diseases, and for treatment of sexually transmitted diseases are also exempt from copayments.

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