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which was housed in the Atrium Libertatis, was centrally located near the Forum Romanum.It was the first to employ an architectural design that separated works into Greek and Latin.

Private libraries appeared during the late republic: Seneca inveighed against libraries fitted out for show by illiterate owners who scarcely read their titles in the course of a lifetime, but displayed the scrolls in bookcases (armaria) of citrus wood inlaid with ivory that ran right to the ceiling: "by now, like bathrooms and hot water, a library is got up as standard equipment for a fine house (domus).

Libraries often provide quiet areas for studying, and they also often offer common areas to facilitate group study and collaboration.

Libraries often provide public facilities for access to their electronic resources and the Internet.

It flourished under the patronage of the Ptolemaic dynasty and functioned as a major center of scholarship from its construction in the 3rd century BC until the Roman conquest of Egypt in 30 BC.

The library was conceived and opened either during the reign of Ptolemy I Soter (323–283 BC) or during the reign of his son Ptolemy II (283–246 BC).

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