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(Libby Hill)“You can stay in that pool of being a go-to actor for a year, maybe a few years,” he said.

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In one linchpin scene, he and a drifter bohemian played by Greta Gerwig engage in a power-shifting sexual tango that has him both evincing masculinity and coming to terms with its limits.

As young artists on the hunt for love in “La La Land,” Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone romance their way through the Hermosa Beach pier, the Smoke House restaurant in Burbank and the Griffith Observatory at twilight.

But the movie’s nostalgic depiction of the area’s vintage sites conceals a tougher...

The holiday spirit is strong with “Rogue One,” as the “Star Wars” spinoff continued its stranglehold on the box office for the second consecutive weekend.

“Rogue One” took in around million Saturday, placing it on a trajectory to potentially rake in 5 million during the four-day holiday...

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