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Along those lines, the more details you provide, the easier it is for you to locate someone. Because people search engines pull data from public records, the reports you get may not be entirely current.In addition, people can actively suppress, through aggregates or data suppliers, the amount of personal information available for public viewing.Here are some things you can use them for: DON' T use it for legal purposes.The Fair Credit Reporting Act limits the way you can use the results you receive from people search services.People Finders has some of the best search tools for finding people.You can begin searches with a Social Security number, email address, street address or phone number.

Several of our divorcees found that their results included a huge amount of information about ex-spouses, sometimes more than the test subjects themselves.We focused our testing on what kind of information was available on the reports and how accurately that information was represented.We tested these services on subjects who had varying levels of public visibility – on people who actively try to suppress their information as well as on those who don’t.Of course, it's important that the information in each report is clear and easy to read.We found that, across the board, the people search companies we reviewed provide reports that are clearly laid out and simple to grasp.

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