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The suffix is widespread in Eurasia because of Persian influence (the Mughals of India for example used Farsi).

The point made above about Sanskrit is relevant also, since this word is an ancestor of the Farsi suffix.

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Recent scholarship has shown that this was first recorded after the creation of Pakistan (plus, no part of the acronym includes Bengal which was originally part of Pakistan).

The 'Now or Never' pamphlet came out BEFORE Pakistan was made and called for the establishment of a country called Pakistan in the North West corner of South Asia.

The name was derived from the acronyms of the first letters of the regions involved.

Excavations at Akchakhan-kala in Uzbekistan, a region known in antiquity as Chorasmia, recovered a large, elaborately carved and heavily burned cylinder of some very solid material.

Its poor condition made identification of the raw material difficult.

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