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Davenport served on the ALA Executive Board from 2002 to 2005 and was elected to the ALA Council for the 1999–2002 term.She also chaired the ALA Constitution and Bylaws Committee in 2000.– Lorcan Dempsey The cost of making something available is in inverse proportion to the cost of obtaining it.Our processes are not designed to determine the level of effort that should be invested in making something available. acquisition, cataloging) constrain how we conceptualize what we do.Libraries should restructure access to reflect anticipated use.They will need to focus much more on personal and organizational development.

– Bob Wolven Staff who are unprepared for change will be left behind. – David Nuzzo Most libraries lack staff for digital preservation.

We need to create an environment where process innovation is the norm. Most libraries are doing digital “projects” rather than digital “programs.” All digital efforts should include preservation planning. The goal of searching is getting people to related “stuff.” Systems being developed now should support the way people search.

Searching should be able to support exploration across data type boundaries: facet where metadata exists; cluster where it doesn’t.

The discovery layer should resolve to the catalog ... – Taiga 2 If there is a single truth in the above, it might be that that comfortable spot that we have lovingly built for ourselves based on past experience, and which we know to be true, is in danger of becoming obsolete.

The OPACs that we built in the 80s and 90s are now seen as digital dinosaurs since many feel that they only support how librarians work, rather than how hit-and-run library users seek information.

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