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Millions of people with a mortgage in Spain taken out in the last couple of decades look to see their monthly payments drop substantially!

The idea with mortgage floors is that the amount of interest on your mortgage can never drop below a certain amount.

After that the mortgagee renegotiates the terms, or switches to a different mortgage with a different bank.

So I'm sure you're right: this will benefit people until the term of their existing trackers expire (but question: how many people in Spain have taken out mortgages in the past few years? it wouldn't surprise me if it was revealed that this only became law at this time, with the recovery about to bloom, because the banks "let it", by stopping their resistance and lobbying.

I really can't see the banks taking this lying down! I'm a little out of touch, since I paid off my mortgage 10-ish years ago.

But it's my understanding that trackers are taken out for a fixed (short 1 - 5 years) period of time.

Each bank to which this applies should have a form available on its web site.My mortgage was a developer subrogation and there is not even a floor clause in my deeds, however, because unicaja say that it existed in the deed between the developer and bank, then it passes to me.How is that for abusive or transparency I read on several Spanish newspapers about the Supreme Court's ruling on floor clauses in May 2013 (as discussed on this thread).There is one website which gives instructions on how to get out of a floor clause. the say to (1) Make a claim to Customer Services at the bank's headquarters.

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